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Nanovas International (K) Ltd
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Unit C5, 3rd Floor, Plot 49, Ntinda Rd (behind Bank of Africa), Ntinda, Kampala, Uganda
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GHS 5,500
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Airtel, M-Pesa, MTN, Tigo Pesa
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Airtel, M-Pesa, Vodafone, Tigo Pesa
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Pros and Cons of Betpawa

Betpawa PROS:

  • User friendly interface
  • Supports deposits via vouchers
  • Low minimum bet
  • Refer-a-friend program

Betpawa CONS:

  • Lacks various functionalities like the match statistics

  • Review

Betpawa Games Today โ€“ Sports Betting Site Africa

On the African continent, Betpawa has distinguished itself as one of the more diverse bookmakers online. Being properly licensed in several countries in Africa, it has a lot of the African element. Betpawa betting is currently running smoothly in six countries on the African continent, including Zambia, Uganda, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, and then Tanzania.

In each of the countries, Betpawa is regulated by authentic licensing bodies specific to each country. The website has been arranged such that once there is patronage from different countries, it becomes much easier to relate to the people of different countries.

Betpawa games today review

Apart from the games and the bets, Betpawa livescore makes it even more exciting and nerve-racking when placing bets. Much like the feeling you get visiting an opera.

Betpawa has set up shop in some of the most influential countries in Africa, for instance, Uganda, using their 500 million shilling bond. With a striving goal to become one of the best online betting companies in Africa. The bookmaker is so famous because of the easy way with which deposits can be made, using the very easy-to-use mobile money feature, which has gained popularity in Africa over the years.

Betpawa, although based in Africa, is by no means focused on only African games. Betpawa games today spans from Asia to South American games, and the bookmaker even goes on to cover a great many games on the globe. There is even the option to watch live games and view live scores after you have placed your bet. The Betpawa games today can be divided into several categories, from first being arranged by countries to being arranged according to participants. The main sports events that Betpawa betting covers are:

  • Football.
  • Basketball.
  • Tennis.
  • Rugby.
  • Volleyball.
  • Cricket.

Sporting events are really not the only events covered by Betpawa games today. People have the unique chances to take part in several jackpots which come up whenever active jackpots are available. This unique bookmaker also makes space for those Africans who revel in the casino world. Offering up several Betpawa casino games such as the Lucky Roulette, the Wheel of Luck, the Fortune Miner, and the game Jacks or Better, it makes Betpawa get in the game easier.

Like many other bookmakers, there are rules governing playing Betpawa games today. For instance, in Betpawa Uganda, you need to be twenty-five and above to be able to place bets. Other such rules governing the play are listed on the website in plain terms, making it easy to stay on the right side of gaming with Betpawa. Customers wield the sole responsibility of making sure that they place the right bets and that they bet on time, especially for international events, to avoid people placing bets when the game has already begun.

Betpawa Games in Africa

Africa is one of the places with the best patronages because of the easy way with which money is transferred. The Betpawa jackpot and live bet options are lucrative, attracting people from all walks of life, making them feel brave enough to place bets and win big.

There is a different list of options for each game you wish to bet on, with a live option in case thatโ€™s your forte. The Betpawa games that will take place within 48 hours have also been placed aside for gamers to have a good idea which bets they need to place urgently.

Bookmaker covers a large variety of Betpawa games in each field. For instance, on the football field, you can place bets in any game or league taking place anywhere in the world and take part as if you were in the part of the world where the event is taking place.

Some leagues to choose from include:

  • Premier League.
  • UEFA Championship league.
  • UEFA Europa League.
  • Italian Serie A.

And these events span over a great many countries such as Italy, France, Portugal, Scotland, among others. A classic case of bringing the entire world to the shores of Africa.

Betpawa sports betting types

Betpawa Betting Company โ€“ How to Register an Account

Registering to bet with Betpawa login is relatively easy as all you need is to be the minimum age for participation. Many of the websites require that you are at least 25 years to bet with Betpawa. The next thing you need is a working phone number that is registered to your name. When you purchase most SIM cards in Africa, it is already required to register your SIM card, so that is taken off. This SIM card will be linked to only one account. Following that, based on the country you are registered with, you may need to add additional information as well as verify your account. Once that is done, you are good to go. You simply need to learn enough about the deposit options available to you, as well as which one best fits what you mean to play with. Once you register, you just need to click the Betpawa login sign and start betting.

Betpawa registration guide

Betpawa Betting Game and Casino

Those who do not only like sports but like other casino games are welcome to sample any one of the Betpawa casino games, the Betpawa Jackpot, or even Betpawa get in the game with some of the live game options with live scores available. The jackpots are arrayed when active, and the enthusiastic bettor can choose which one to bet on. The next button makes way for the gamer to view the result gotten from each of the jackpots. These active jackpots, together with Betpawa livescore, win you money with just a click of a button.

Betpawa jackpot options include the lucky dip, where you can make random selections from each of the selections made available to you. That way, you can make a choice that could be worth a lot of money.

The idea behind the jackpot is to make bets on seventeen of the preselected games of the weekend and for the middle of the week. They bear the names Empawa 17 and Empawa 13, respectively. You can join the Betpawa get in the game and make your jackpot predictions before the opening time of the game. To win, you need to select the outcomes of all the Betpawa games correctly and win up to a million of the currency if the country you are working with.

There are also cash prizes for 13, 14, 15, and 16 correct predictions. The prizes are not fixed and may vary with each week. The amounts are always disclosed. Empawa 13 needs the Betpawa jackpot winner to have correctly guessed 13 predictions. There will be winnings up to 3 less accurate predictions, just like with the EMpawa 17.

Betpawa App

For those who want a more on-the-go mobile experience, Betpawa has created a mobile interface to satisfy both Android and IOS users, especially. There are several links on the internet to download Betpawa app with, however, it is expedient that you download from the more reputable links. The mobile interface gives you the opportunity to take your gaming wherever you need to go in the world. With the need for very few data charges, gamers have very little complaints about using the interface on their mobiles.

Betpawa app download for mobile

Betpawa Jackpot Games

As mentioned before, the major jackpot games available are the emPawa 13 and the emPawa 17, respectively. These Betpawa games require you to correctly guess the outcomes of 13 or 17 games every week. Winners get a lot of money for guessing all the outcomes. Watching the game and making use of the Betpawa livescore helps you to know immediately if you are a winner. People who are able to guess all but three of the outcomes have the chance to win money as well, making them the Betpawa jackpot winner.

If there is more than one winner as per the analysis, the winning pay bill will be shared amongst the winners, meaning the less the number of people guessing correctly, the more the chance of getting good money.

Betpawa jackpot games

Betpawa Bonus and Promotions

Betpawa sports betting offers no welcome bonus. The deposit price is relatively low. The Betpawa free bet option can be made as no money is needed to make those bets. This really appeals to the African crowd. There are also no bonus codes for this year so far. However, with the Betpawa jackpot, money can be won in different ways. Apart from the jackpot Betpawa games to be able to win a lot of money, gamers can take advantage of the Betpawa free bet options available when they come.

Betpawa bonuses and promotions

Customer Support of Betpawa Betting Company

Betpawaโ€™s 24-hour service is conducted on the Facebook messenger interface. This is accessed by clicking the button found at the bottom of the page dubbed โ€˜talk to us on Facebook Messengerโ€™. There are also numbers for WhatsApp, email, and telephone as well as post if you want to get in touch with Betpawa sports betting.

Betpawa games customer support

On the help page of the site, several numbers that are unique to each country have been placed, together with the WhatsApp, Twitter, and Facebook account details. Their FAQ page offers the special Betpawa tips you may need to make a good choice.

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